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Beautifully designed, modern oil burner, perfect for use as an aromatherapy diffuser for either wax melts or essential oils.

Stylish Modern Design - Featuring an elegant minimal look perfect for every style of home decor.

High quality materials - Made from 100% Iron for excellent heat distribution. Your essential oil or wax melt are warmed quickly ensuring the fragrance is released fast.

Easy to use - Simply fill the detachable bowl with either a wax melt or water and a few drops of essential oil. Then light a tea light and place in the holder at the base. Perfect for use in bathrooms as no electricity is required.

Easy to clean - After use, let the burner cool. Then lift out the detachable bowl, rinse under warm water and pat dry. No mess, no fuss.

Durable - Unlike ceramic wax melt burners iron is extremely durable meaning there is no risk of the bowl shattering or becoming discoloured due to heat.

Upgrade your space with a beautiful oil burner designed to last a lifetime. Relieve stress and bring a sense of calm to your home.

Nordic style diffuser for wax melt and essential oils

  • Length: 9cm

    Width: 9cm

    Height: 10cm


    Weight: 0.4 kg


  • Iron

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