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  • Solid Brass - Beautiful handcrafted essential oil burner made from 100% solid brass. A real conversation starter, this beautiful piece will last a lifetime and is the perfect compliment to any style of home decor. Essential oil burners are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to scented candles or a reed diffuser as they last a lifetime and can be reused indefinitely.
  • Essential oils included - Each brass burner comes complete with it's own essential oils set. 1 x 10ml 'Sandalwood, Bergamot & Citrus' with notes of jasmine essential oils and 1 x 10ml 'Cotton Blossom, Citrus Peel & Amber'. Perfect for day or night.
  • Easy to use - Simply remove the brass lid, light a tea light and place on the brass base. Replace the lid and place a few drops of essential oil onto the rim, relax and enjoy! The tea light will slowly warm the burner and the essential oils, and gently release the fragrance into your room. For best results, use a 8-10 hour tea light with a depth of 2cm.
  • Supporting Women in business - Eco friendly materials, responsibly sourced, ethically hand crafted. The Cleo Sails 100% Brass oil burner is beautiful, useful and will last a lifetime.

Cleo Sails 100% Solid Brass Oil Burner

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